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Members of the Istanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice (IstanbulSMD) met with the stakeholders of the building industry at Bilateral Business Meetings.

Organized twice a year by Istanbul SMD, which produces projects to increase the quality of architectural processes with the support of all stakeholders of the construction industry and with the strength it receives from Istanbul-based private architectural practice executives, who have undersigned important structures of Turkey for 20 years, the second of the Bilateral Business Meetings were held at at the Point Hotel in Gayrettepe on 30 November 2022.

In the event, where 25 architects and 25 brands from Istanbul SMD members would come together, it is aimed to strengthen sectoral ties and increase productive cooperation through mutual information exchange. Bilateral Business Meetings, where the innovations of the participating brands’ services and products will be discussed over the demands for the current project, are planned to be held in May and November 2023.



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